Attack properties

From Electric Wind God Fist

In Tekken attacks can have one of the following properties:


High effect in Training Mode

High attacks are blocked standing, however while crouching the attack will whiff. Most High attack are safe on block and have good Tracking.


Mid effect in Training Mode

Mid attacks are blocked by standing but hit crouching opponents.
Usually Launchers and important moves are mid, for example d/f 1.

Special Mid

Special Mid effect in Training Mode

Special Mid attacks are moves that can be blocked both by standing and crouching. Special Mids are pretty rare, the most important Special mid is the low Jabs.


Low effect in Training Mode

Low attacks must be blocked crouching and hit standing opponents. Lows are very commonly used to open up the opponents defense, but are generally unsafe. Low Pokes tend to be punishable around 11-14 frames. Lows that Knock-down or launch are -15 or more, thus being launch punishable by the majority of the cast.