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Tekken 4 (鉄拳4) is a fighting game developed and published by Namco as the fourth main and fifth installment in the Tekken series, following the release of the non-canon titled Tekken Tag Tournament in 1999. It was released on arcades in 2001, and on the PlayStation 2 in 2002.


T4 KumaT4 HwoarangT4 YoshimitsuT4 JuliaT4 Lee/VioletT4 Xiaoyu/MiharuT4 MardukT4 LeiT4 KazuyaT4 PaulT4 JinT4 NinaT4 SteveT4 Christie/EddyT4 BryanT4 HeihachiT4 KingT4 LawT4 CombotT4 Roster.png
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T4 Marduk.png Marduk
T4 Steve.png Steve
T4 Christie.png Christie
T4 Combot.png Combot

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