Tekken TAG

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Tekken TAG was the first All-star type game.It had all the charachter from prior games, released initially in arcades on July 1. 1999. Additonaly it was ported on the first Playstation on March 30, 2000 in Japan, on November 24, 2000 in Europe and on October 26, 2000 in Nord America.


TTAG MokujinTTAG KunimitsuTTAG KazuyaTTAG BruceTTAG KumaTTAG Jack-2TTAG LeeTTAG UnknownTTAG BeakTTAG MichelleTTAG A-KingTTAG Gun-JackTTAG AnnaTTAG BraynTTAG HeihachiTTAG GanryuTTAG JuliaTTAG JunTTAG XiaoyuTTAG YoshimitsuTTAG NinaTTAG LawTTAG HwoarangTTAG EddyTTAG PaulTTAG KingTTAG LeiTTAG JinTTAG WangTTAG P-JackTTAG DevilTTAG True-OgreTTAG OgreTTAG Roger-AlexTTAG Roster.png
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